Commercial Closings

Commercial closings can be significantly more complex than their residential counterparts and that’s why it’s even more important to have a team of title attorneys and real estate financing experts on your side.

Residential Title Services

How can you really be sure your home belongs to you? With a thorough title search and an effective title insurance policy, you can both rest assured that your home belongs to you, and, if something unexpected arises, that your family will remain financially protected from a potential title disaster.

Title Insurance

There are two major categories of title insurance; lender’s title insurance and owner’s title insurance. While a lender’s policy, which is typically required in order to close a loan, can protect your lender it can’t protect you. That’s why most financial experts recommend that anyone purchasing property take out a comprehensive owner’s title insurance policy.

Title Searches

TA title search is the process of examining documents and records in order to determine the legal history and rightful ownership of a property. A title search is always required before a title company issues a policy, since otherwise, the title company could be agreeing to protect a property with serious title issues.

Enhanced Title Insurance

Most title insurance policies are pretty comprehensive, but they still don’t cover every risk that could put your property in legal or financial jeopardy. That’s why some property owners opt to purchase an enhanced owner’s title insurance policy, which, while more expensive, can protect against a variety of additional threats to your property’s title.

Foreclosure Services

Buying a residential or commercial property in a foreclosure can be an amazing way to get a great deal, but it can also come with variety of risks especially risks involving the property’s title. 

REO Services

While many homeowners and real estate investors decide to buy property in foreclosure, others decide to look for REO (real estate owned) properties. These are properties that, for whatever reason, we’re not sold by the bank during a foreclosure auction, and are now fully owned by the bank itself.

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